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The Observatorio project is truly unique, and it is quite simple. We want to prove that a living tree is more valuable than a dead tree. All types of forests, and especially tropical rain forests, are disappearing. The reason is that in our “modern society,” a living tree has little or no value. So it is cut. Turned into lumber and by-products. The land-use is transformed. Every day, precious hectares of rain forest are being converted into cow fields and banana plantations. And once itʼs done, itʼs done. THIS DESTRUCTION IS IRREVERSIBLE ! An Emergens, the oldest and tallest trees in the jungle, have an irreplaceable role in the ecosystem of Planet Earth.
When we suspend our unique platforms in these towering trees, we are not only protecting the trees themselves, but we are perfectly positioned to study their high environment.
The canopy of the rain forest, is a vast, fascinating and virtually unexplored frontier. There are unlimited possibilities for discoveries. Working side-by-side with local Indian tribesmen, we are able to support indigenous communities while we learn their traditional ways of coexisting with nature.
Leasing the Obvservatorio....(worldʼs largest suspended structure on a tree), is generating income which is used to purchase additional rain forest and keep it in its original form for infinity.
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