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This plan is probably unparalleled in human history. Suspended on nylon straps, the Observatorio is built in place, assembled like a “Lego” project, high in the air, without ever harming the tree in any way. Not a single nail or screw is used in its emplacement. It may also be the first house-like structure to be built from the top down. It has two floors (the first about 25 mt. from the ground), of approximately 60 m². It is light, modern and removable. The plan is to keep it on our “Nispero” tree for five to seven years. Then it will be removed, refurbished and reassembled on a different tree. Our goal is always to keep everything as eco-friendly as is humanly possible.
Rain water is supplying the Observatorio and its modern bathroom. Solar energy is providing electricity for all the usual home conveniences, including an elevator to pull you up from the forest floor...or you may choose to climb under your own power, for a good workout. A hatch in the roof is allowing access to the very top of the tree, another 30m above.
The entire structure weighs only 2.200kg. Upstairs are two comfortable bedrooms, and downstairs is your viewing platform. The 360° panoramic vista encompasses the surrounding greenery, as well as the Caribbean Ocean stretching out to the eastern horizon, and the blue tropical sky above.
To view the jungle from high above the treeline is one of the most rewarding experiences, and certainly one of the top joys of life.

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