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We believe that for most visitors, whether they are ordinarily nature-lovers or not, a trip to the Observatorio is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In some ways, it may be a life transforming event.
Potentially, many individuals and groups are able to benefit from this singular opportunity. Universities can send multi-disciplinary teams to explore the incomparably diverse animal, plant and insect life that thrives in these treetops. Research departments from medical schools and drug manufacturers, hoping to unlock the secrets of seemingly miraculous age-old native healing potions, can be a natural fit.
Not to mention nature photographers and film-makers and individuals who simply want to try something new and fresh, unlike anything they╩╝ve ever done before. Some can be thrill seekers.
Others can only be looking for relax, to learn from and get back in tune with nature. The Observatorio is openning your senses and let you feel alive again. Discover something new and exciting. Take an active part in preserving the fragile jungle environment, in helping it to grow and keeping all its residents living in their ancestral home. Awaken in the morning to the roar of Howler Monkeys and go to sleep at night lulled by sweet Caribbean breezes and the exotic chatter of parrots in the treetops around you. Practice yoga or meditation. Find your balance. The possibilities are endless.
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