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Welcome to your very own Ultimate 3-in-1 Costa Rica Tour Adventure. Introducing a unique concept which brings people closer to the nature than ever before. Live your real fairytale high up the canopy in the middle of unspoiled jungle. We promise you a true life-changing experience.
Adventure 1
Hike through real prime rainforest. Watch wildlife in its real natural habitat and listen to the sounds and whispers of the nature.
Adventure 2
Climb 25 meters (8 stories) high up the tree. Use our safe climbing technique to hoist yourselves up to Nature Observatorio.
Adventure 3
Spend a night up on the tree in the middle of the jungle. Enjoy one of the most memorable nights of your life and feel like Tarzan and Jane.
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Jungle Enterprises S.A.
- Manzanillo,  Limón, Costa Rica - Tel : (506) 8628-2663 - E-mail :
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